Three words you will never see together in a sentence: Cheap easy and healthy

Who doesn’t like a good margarita?

Well, since tomorrow is my 21st birthday I decided why not do a simple drink recipe for college students the is fast to make and won’t  take away all your money for rent.

I student-a-fide this recipe from

Instead of using the silver (blanco) tequila the recipe calls for, use a cheaper tequila.

I used matador tequila like what we use at the restaurant I work at for our well tequila. It’s around $15
Although this may seem expensive it will last you forever!

Now aside from tequila the only other thing you need to buy is frozen limeade and a lime which won’t be over $3.

Also, you don’t have to go buy thick salt just use what you have at home.

Depending how many people you are with you can all split the cost! That’s the best thing about having college roommates!

Mix these two ingredients together and it will be a very fast and inexpensive drink that is always a nice little treat after finals or a long day of school!

cheap, easy, margarita

Now you are probably wondering: I thought you wanted to be healthy, alcohol has lots of calories in it!

While I don’t disagree, I think Taylor put it the best way:

Make no bones about it (or guts, or ear lobes for that matter) – college and drinking typically go hand in hand. Now, here’s something crazy: even though I’m a college-success blogger writing on a fitness blog, I’m not going to tell you to avoid drinking altogether. Nope.

The trick here (protip: this is not actually a trick) is to not overdo it – as so many students do. The dangers of intoxication aside, drinking is often a pretty calorie-intensive way to spend your time. One beer is usually 100-150 calories, and more drinkers are throwing back more than one at a time.

If you value your health and your goals, make drinking a very small part of your life. Save it for the weekends.


Checkout here for more information about how to stay healthy and be able to enjoy a drink every now and then. Also when drinking